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The Environmental Protection UK Air Quality Committee coordinates our work on air quality and emissions and related areas. It brings together local authorities, consultants, academics, industry and representatives of government bodies. Members are volunteers and either represent one of our ten divisions or are co-opted based on their experience and expertise. The Committee, which meets three or four times a year, acts as a forum for members to exchange information, debate issues and steer Environmental Protection UK’s policy.

Our aim, to promote integrated policies and practices that reduce the negative effects on health and the environment of air quality and climate change, is delivered through our Air Quality Committee.

Much of our current effort is focussed on the government’s plans for action, following the court case, and our robust submissions to the Clean Air Zone consultation and the last submissions to the Clean Air Zone consultation and the last the NO2 National Plans consultation, and to support the Clean Air Alliance, founded by Environmental Protection UK, which is a broad partnership of the different interests with the common aim of improving air quality and working towards healthier air. We also released a statement on the alleged VW emissions scandal.

We are also contributing to the Joint government inquiry on air quality, supporting the National Clean Air Event on 15 June, and monitoring the government’s work on the new Local Air Quality Management system.

The Committee sets up working groups from time to time as required to focus in detail on a particular area of policy. Members with particular expertise may lead these groups. A recent working group reviewed the Air Quality and Development Control Guidance.

The Committee is chaired by Sarah Legge of SLH Environmental. David Muir is the Vice-Chair.

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