1,000’s of EPUK documents now available

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1,000’s of EPUK documents now available

1,000’s of EPUK historic documents covering 1847 to 2011 now available in the Wellcome Library.

Documents and Papers of Environmental Protection UK, founded as the Coal Smoke Abatement Society in 1898. The collection consists of:

Minutes from 1890; annual reports; press cuttings; conference proceedings, 1905-1998; divisional papers; papers from seminars and workshops, 1972-2000; letter books of the engineer James Gilbertson; journals of the Society, The Journal of the National Smoke Abatement Society, Smokeless Air, Clean Air; Briefing bulletins published by Environmental Protection UK; Clean Air Yearbook 1931, 1947-1976; Members Handbook, 1977-2003; miscellaneous reports and papers on the subject of air pollution and smoke abatement; promotional and educational materials produced by the Society; record book of nuisances and complaints, 1938-1946; photographs.
1 box of film material transferred to MISC (Moving Image and Sound Collection).

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