EPUK calls for stronger protections in Planning

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The government have been consulting on the National Planning Policy Framework.  EPUK has submitted a response calling for stronger environmental protection.

This calls for the Framework to include robust policies to reduce air, noise, land and other pollution from development, and to ensure that the users and neighbours are not exposed to harmful levels of pollution. It calls on government to ensure that Planning Policies support the government’s other priorities, eg the legal commitment to improving air quality. We strongly oppose some of the wording in the new NPPF document, which undermines environmental protection, for example by weakening the duty placed on Local Planning Authorities to include policies which address climate change mitigation and adaption.

We also support the recommendation to take pollution and other environmental issues into account at the earliest opportunity in the process, designing in best practice rather than ineffectively mitigating in the final stages; we urge the government to strengthen this recommendation into a formal requirement.


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