Aston University, Birmingham – Thursday 9 November 2017

The Future of the UK Environment:
delivering health and wellbeing over the next 25 years

This year will be crucial for the future of our environment. The Great Repeal Bill is intended to bring all existing EU legislation, including environmental legislation, into UK law. However, there are dangers that this may weaken environmental protection in the UK; fast track repeal powers may be used to remove regulations seen as burdensome red tape. It is essential that attempts to weaken current laws that protect our environment are resisted and that every opportunity is taken to strengthen them as they become part of UK law. Our President, Lord Whitty will give the Opening Address on how we might deliver a better environment in the current political climate, with improvements in health and wellbeing for all of the UK.

This year will also see the publication of the Government’s new National Plans for NO2, expected to be heavily focused on Clean Air Zones. This year’s conference will review the action around this Plan, the measures it proposes and the work of the national government, cities and others to implement it to deliver better air quality.

We will also be considering new motivations for environmental action. Given uncertainties around departure from the EU, are cities taking initiatives for themselves? How can competition for sustainability and quality of life, as well as public campaigns like the Healthy Air Campaign, the National Clean Air Day and the Noise Action Week contribute to this drive to improve our environment and public health. What roles are there for civil society bodies like EPUK?

In addition to the keynote talks there will be expert presentations in the sessions for each of the main EPUK topics, air quality, land quality and noise. The programme is planned to ensure lively discussion in the conference sessions and many opportunities for networking and viewing the exhibition and displays.

For a copy of the Conference Programme click  here EPUK2017ConferenceProgramme

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