Noise Action Week 2016 – for healthy noise levels in neighbourhoods

Noise Action Week is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK to support all services, agencies and groups involved in reducing the cost of noise to our health and quality of life.

We work to raise awareness of noise problems and the solutions available either by individual actions or through community services including council environmental health and antisocial behaviour professionals, housing providers, mediation services, community police and other professional and voluntary groups working in communities. During the week we urge all involved in managing noise to raise awareness of noise issues, problems and solutions.

·Want to take part but not sure what to do? For inspiration see our events from previous years and suggested themes for Noise Action Week.

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Why do we need Noise Action Week?

More people than ever bothered by noise

Recent government research – the Defra Noise Attitude survey 2012 published at the end of 2014 – shows more people than ever are bothered by noise. Nearly half the people surveyed said their home life is spoilt by noise to some extent and one in five reported their sleep is disturbed by noise. Also, noise has leapt to fourth place (from ninth) in a table of local environmental concerns, making it a bigger local worry than air pollution. This makes Noise Action Week 2015, which aims to raise awareness of noise problems and promote practical solutions to noise, more important than ever.

NoiseActionWeek can reduce service costs

Raising awareness of noise and promoting solutions to noise problems can save time and money.  Research recently published by Defra puts the cost to a local authority of investigating a noise complaint at between £130 and over £7,000. Whether you’re a local authority, housing provider, mediation service or community policing team – resolving noise disputes can be costly. Using Noise Action Week to make communities noise conscious can prevent some of these problems  –  and save services the costs of dealing with disputes.

Raising awareness of noise helps community cohesion

In 2014 local authorities, housing providers, mediation services, police and other partners all participated in innovative and fun activities to raise awareness of noise issues.  Work ranged from getting out in towns and estates to talk to residents to poster and Twitter campaigns, fun days and silent discos. Here at Noise Action Week HQ we are working to encourage more of the same for 2015.

The week runs from 18 – 23 May and we are encouraging everyone involved in dealing with noise – or who has experienced noise problems, to come together to find solutions. To find out more on how you can take part visit the website and email us at

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