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Newsletter July 2022

Conference speaker, Dr Deborah Adkins; Synthetic petroleum; EFCA Conference: UfPs and microplastics

Newsletter June 2022

EPUK Conference speakers announced; Defra consultation on environmental Standards; Brexit Freedoms Bill introduced in the Queen’s speech; Tyres and exhaust emission research

Newsletter May 2022

Read about the new landfill laws, sustainability and home renovations and the most recent Trustees meeting.

Newsletter April 2022

Read about plans for Conference 2022; an update on the Air Quality and Climate Change Guidance plus a report of the AGM.

Newsletter March 2022

Read a summary of Tim Williamson's presentation on Covid and environmental quality; Christopher Fry's contribution to Environmental News Monthly and find out more about the archive documents on the Wellcome Trust's database.

Newsletter February 2022

Find out about the EPUK AGM, the WHO AQ Guidelines and the EPS Clan Air Day.

Newsletter December 21/January 22

Read about the success of the Aviva campaign, our Communications review and the availability of the Conference presentations.

Newsletter November 2021

Read about the launch of the new EPUK Air Quality and Climate Change Guidance.

Newsletter October 2021

In the newsletter this month: Noise updates and a link to The Bottom Rung; sign up for LQ seminars; register for our Confernce, online option now available.

Newsletter September 2021

Read about new PHE guidelines on lead concentration for children and pregnant women; the landmark landfill court case; latest exhibitor at Conference, Acoem; the problems with Japanese knotwood.

Newsletter August 2021

Read about Envirotech, exhibitors at Conference; EPUK's Local Authority Guidance on climate change plus recent CC status and find links to sustainable plastics publications.

Newsletter July 2021

More speakers announced for Conference 2021. Read about Essential Environment and Environmental Protection Scotland's Clean Air Day.

Newsletter June 2021

Read the report on Noise Action Week 2021. Find out about Berylium Standards. Sign up to our 2021 Conference.

Newsletter May 2021

Read About the Air Quality Committee's priorities and The EFCA Ultrafine Particles Online meeting held on 18th May. Find out how to sign up to the AIR PROTECTION 2021 Conference in Croatia and to IChemE's virtual seminars.

Newsletter April 2021

Read about Noise Action Week, find details about our 2021 Conference, plus other news from EFCA and IChemE.

Newsletter March 2021

Read the report of the EPUK AGM. Meet the new President, Professor Jim Longhurst. See news from EFCA and EPA.

Newsletter February 2021

Find the link for the upcoming AGM on Wednesday 24th February. Meet our soon to be new President and Trustee. Find out what the committees are planning.

January 2021 Newsletter

Read William Wilson's comments on the tragic case Ella Kissi-Debrah killed by air pollution. Join the campaign to stop engine idling in England and Wales.

December 2020 Newsletter

Meet our new Trustees. Read a wildlife article. See our new merchandise.  


Read the Conference report outlining each of the presentations. Find the link for the Air Quality Hub pre-launch Zoom call. See EPUK's range of products.  

Pre-Conference Newsletter November 2020

See the full programme of speakers in this newsletter. Access the Conference website here: View our new product range here:  

October 2020 Newsletter

Read about the upcoming Virtual Conference. An article about recent developments in ultrafine particles. The link for iChemE's webinars.

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