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Keeping the peace as we eased out of lockdown

Noise Action week returned to the calendar this year from 24th to 29th May.

This year’s event was well received on social media. During the week guest blogs were posted on topical noise themes, and infographics, shown here, used to highlight noise issues on Twitter. Throughout the week the campaign attracted attention from more and more local authorities and housing providers, who highlighted our messages. However, the short notice and lack of capacity to notify potential participants directly of the campaign meant that uptake was not surprisingly limited.

The NAW website serves as a significant platform for anyone seeking information on noise and we aware that modernising and refreshing it would ensure its structure and content reflect current activity. Any volunteers welcome.

Those who supported the week were enthusiastic to see it going ahead. CIEH used the week to launch their survey of local authority noise complaints; ResolveASB provided a blog on a victim-centred approach to tackling anti-social noise, and EP Scotland ran a webinar during the week on soundscapes as integral to a green recovery. Some local authorities who made contact said they were squeezing activity in at a time when they have many conflicting priorities – reflected in the level of involvement this year.

Posting on LinkedIn was well received – and proved an effective way to raise the profile of noise issues, and EPUK, among the professional community engaged in acoustics, environmental and health protection.

For NAW to have more impact in future, we need to work now and throughout the year to build up a list of potential supporters/participants, set a date and theme at least 6 months in advance – beginning with those who expressed interest this year. Also, identifying messaging and a news hook that that can be used to gain press attention would engage a wider audience for our messaging.

Mary Stevens, Susspace.

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