Our Land Quality Committee coordinates our land quality work and brings together local authorities, consultants, academics, industry, regulators and government officials. Members are volunteers and either represent one of our ten regions or are co-opted based on their experience and expertise. The Committee, which meets at least twice per year, acts as a forum for members to exchange information, debate issues and steer Environmental Protection UK’s policy.

Our aim to promote integrated policies and practices that encourage the use and reuse of land in a way that protects human health and the environment, is delivered through our Land Quality Committee.

The LQC sets up working groups from time to time as required to focus in detail on a particular area of policy. Members with particular expertise may lead these groups.

The Committee is chaired by David Rudland of Swindon Borough Council. The vice chairs are Andrew Wiseman of Harrison Grant Solicitors and Christopher Fry, Consultant.

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