EPUK 2017 Annual Conference Presentations

Please click on the author’s name for their presentation.


Beyond national policy: local drivers for a better environment
John Murlis – Environmental Performance

Building concensus, cooperation and bold environmental action without legal standards
Josh Harris – C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Delivering environmental protection through local authorities
Jim Longhurst – University West of England


Real world vehicle emissions and the EQUA Index
Aidan Revie – Emissions Analytics

Implementing the National Plan, the Experience of Local Authorities
Polly Cook – Leeds City Council

Court action and the National Plan: an update
Alan Andrews – Client Earth


Brownfield Cost Calculator
Darren Beriro – British Geological Society

Engineered solutions for ground gas and vapour protection measures
Peter Atchison – PGeotechnical

Brownfield policy now
Jon Reeds – Smartgrowth UK


Noise Policy Update: including progress on round three noise mapping
Jon Bowers – Defra

Network Rail Noise Partnership Working
Richard Francis – Wiltshire Council


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