Article By : Dr Antonio Martinez
January 13, 2021
Conference 2020,Noise

Dr Torija Martinez focuses on the recent coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, during which a significant part of the population has been under lockdown to maintain social distancing. Both commercial aviation and ground transportation have been severely restricted, which has led to important reductions in environmental noise levels. Some studies suggest a reduction of 8 decibels in ambient noise due to lockdown. This significant reduction in transport related noise has changed urban soundscapes, making natural sounds more audible. This is an opportunity to work towards quieter and more pleasant urban soundscapes. For instance, protection of the population from transportation noise could be achieved by a long-term strategy on mobility, incentivising active travel (e.g. walking, cycling). This presentation provides an overview of the main issues and opportunities for environmental noise after the coronavirus pandemic. Looking at the future, noise might become a limiting factor for the
wider adoption of both air quality and de-carbonisation interventions. This presentation will also discuss important research gaps for appropriately addressing these noise issues.

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