Article By : Dr Tom Henman
January 13, 2021
Conference 2020,Land Quality

RSK was commissioned by the Scottish Government following the Gorebridge incident to investigate the prevalence of carbon dioxide and other emissions from disused mineral mines and the consequences for residential buildings. This report covers the background to this issue and presents some of the key findings of the report, including implications for the planning and development process. Dr Henman’s talk covers:
 Introduction and context to the Scottish Government research project
 The Gorebridge incident in Scotland and other identified incidents of mine related CO2
emissions in the UK and beyond
 The nature of abandoned mine-workings and circumstances where risks related to CO2
emissions are raised
 Key findings of the research report including expert views on the adequacy of current
standards and guidance versus use of mandatory gas protection measures in coalfield
 The role of uncertainties including groundwater rise, climate change effects and
cumulative development
 Implications for planning and building standards, bolstering local authority expertise
and the need for supplementary guidance and research in this area.

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