Article By : EPUK Noise Committee
March 29, 2016
Information Brochures,Noise

Sound is essential to our daily lives, but noise which can be defined as unwanted sound is not always essential. It is a source of irritation and stress for many people and can even damage our hearing if it is loud enough. Many of us are exposed to stressful levels of noise at home and at work. Noise is on the increase in our society and this brochure explains what steps you can take if you are disturbed by noise, and to reduce the noise you make.

A nuisance is often difficult to establish but, generally speaking, if something is unreasonable to the average person, a court might decide it is a statutory nuisance. Noise nuisance is covered by Part III of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EFA). This law requires your local council to investigate complaints of noise coming from fixed premises such as factories, shops, pubs, dwellings and stationary vehicles.

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