University of Surrey Global indoor air quality and respiratory infection webinar series

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Global indoor air quality and respiratory infection webinar series


The centre at The University of Surrey, headed by Professor Prashant Kumar invites you to join the monthly webinar series on ‘global indoor air quality and respiratory infection’.

This monthly webinar series is part of the EPSRC/Surrey supported Official Development Assistance (ODA) project “Knowledge transfer and practical application of research on indoor air quality (KTP-IAQ)”.

This webinar series will bring together speakers from a number of our collaborative institutions across the world, including partners from the GCRF supported CArE-Homes (and CArE-Cities) projects that have been successful in monitoring household air pollution in several low-income homes in 12 cities across 12 ODA countries.

It will serve as a knowledge exchange platform across the ODA countries with the aim to share and discuss state-of-the-art best practices on indoor air quality and respiratory infection globally. The series will exploit this knowledge by presenting the take of science during this global pandemic where indoor environments have become even more important than ever. Such knowledge exchange will surely make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of people.

We have lined up a number of keynote speakers, who specialise in the air quality and health field from across the world, to present in this series of webinars.

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