For Advice on Air quality, land quality, waste & noise

Our Policies

Environmental Protection UK is a national charity that provides expert policy analysis and advice on air quality, land quality, waste and noise and their effects on people and communities in terms of a wide range of issues including public health, planning, transport, energy and climate.

Areas of Work

Environmental Protection UK offers clear and critical analysis of UK government and European Union policy proposals through a range of high-quality publications and expert-led events. It works with and for UK national and devolved governments, local authorities, business, academics and the general public, and with relevant EU institutions and NGO.

Regional Groups

EPUK is divided into a number of Regional Areas for administrative purposes; they are facilitated by voluntary secretaries. Each of our Regions manages their own events, often liaising with adjacent regions for seminars and workshops. This enables our members to enjoy the benefits of supporting national campaigning, influencing and lobbying, whilst also being able to access local activities and networks.


Environmental Protection UK has extensive information and research resources covering 1898 to the present day; starting with the Coal Smoke Abatement Society, followed by the National Society for Clean Air (NSCA), then National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection, and currently Environmental Protection UK (EPUK). Our resources are available to EPUK Members with restricted access to non-members.

Protecting our future

The quality of our environment has a direct impact on our wellbeing; a cleaner and pollution free environment is healthier, safer and far more pleasant. EPUK aims to improve the quality of life of all UK residents by working for a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable UK.

The knowledge and experience our members and partners have of environmental policy in practice gives us the basis for effective engagement with UK Governments and Administrations on the future direction and implementation of environmental policy. Our approach, based on evidence, works to produce more effective and sustainable policies, providing better environmental protection for all.

EPUK Information Leaflets

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