Environmental Protection UK is a national charity that provides expert policy analysis and information on air quality, land quality and noise and their effects on people and communities in terms of a wide range of issues including public health, planning, transport, energy and climate.

We offer clear and critical analysis of UK government and European Union policy proposals through a range of high-quality publications and expert-led events, as well as up-to-date regulatory information through a comprehensive guide to UK and EU environment legislation.

We bring together policy-makers, business, local authorities and academics to enable and foster successful partnerships for environmental action and provide networking opportunities to support the careers of environmental professionals and allow them to share best practice.

Our structure enables us to take a progressive and pragmatic approach to the issues which concern us and, on behalf of our wide and extensive cross-sector membership, to promote integrated and effective policy-making which supports sensible and workable solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

Environmental Protection UK works with UK national and devolved governments, local authorities, business, academics and the general public, and with relevant EU institutions and NGOs. We have close working relationships with DEFRA and DCLG staff and are highly regarded as representatives on both the European Federation of Clean Air & Environmental Protection Associations (EFCA) and the International Union of Air Pollution and Environmental Protection Associations (IUAPPA).

However, we are not a regulatory authority and regret we are unable to intervene on behalf of any individual or group to deal with any complaints concerning air pollution, noise, contaminated land or any other environmental issue. Any complaints should be directed to your local authority or the Environment Agency.

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