Development Control Guidance

Environmental Protection UK, in partnership with the Institute of Air Quality Management, have produced a guidance document Land-Use Planning and Development Control: Planning for Air Quality, which replaces the 2010 EPUK Guidance document, to ensure that air quality is adequately considered in the land-use planning and development control processes.

The planning guidance sets out why air quality is an important consideration in many aspects of local authority spatial planning. It emphasises how good spatial planning can reduce exposure to air pollution, as well as providing other benefits of well-being to the wider community. It also emphasises the importance of applying good design and best-practice measures to all developments, to both reduce pollutant emissions and human exposure. It also provides guidance on how air quality considerations for individual schemes. This document has been slightly revised after a year, with a workshop reflecting on implementation issues. There are a few minor changes to the document.

The guidance can be downloaded here:

The previous version of the guidance is available here:

This follows a consultation with members of Environmental Protection UK and the Institute of Air Quality Management.

An initial scoping meeting was held, jointly by Environmental Protection UK and the Institute of Air Quality Management on the 22 May 2012, to discuss options and key issues for the guidance.

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