Mark Cave & Joanna Wragg

Potentially harmful element bioaccessability in soils- confidence in the science by Mark Cave and Joanna Wragg Presentation at the EPUK West and East Midlands Region Seminar held on 19 May 2016 Mark Cave & Joanna Wragg

EPUK Documents in the Wellcome Library

In January 2012 EPUK transfered it’s archive documents to the Wellcome Library in London. The collection covers the period 1847 to 2011 with many 1,000’s of documents. The Wellcome Library is free to join and is open to everyone. A link to join and use the Library is given below The catalgue of EPUK documents […]

Asbestos: Strategies for the identification and remediation of asbestos-contaminated materials

James Macfarlane and Richard Yarnold Hydrock Consultants Ltd PowerPoint Presentation, 25 slides Download PDF: 

Noise protection in the home. A fresh look at Approved Document E

Peter Turner Principal Acoustic Consultant, NHBC PowerPoint Presentation, 42 slides Download PDF: 

Draft Plans to improve Air Quality in the UK – What does this mean for a Local Authority?

Matthew O’Neill Lead Air Quality Officer, Transport for Greater Manchester PowerPoint Presentation, 23 slides Download PDF: 

Noise Action Week

Mary Stevens Noise Committee/Noise Awareness Week, EPUK PowerPoint Presentation, 11 slides Download PDF: 

Raising Standards. Protecting Homeowners, Implications of asbestos in soils (or other contaminants) for residential developments

Karen Thornton Principal Geo-Environmental Engineer, NHBC PowerPoint Presentation, 16 slides Download PDF: 

Delivering environmental quality through communities, Local Authorities and Statutory Agencies

John Murlis President EPUK PowerPoint Presentation, 29 slides Download PDF: 

Highways England and Noise

Ian Holmes Principal Noise Advisor, Highways England PowerPoint Presentation, 17 slides Download PDF: 

Environmental protection priorities for the next 5 years: delivering policy through local authorities

Colin Church Director, Resource Atmosphere & Sustainability, Defra PowerPoint Presentation, 15 slides Download PDF: 

Public Health Outcomes Framework

Benjamin Feneck Chair, EPUK Land Quality Committee PowerPoint Presentation, 22 slides Download PDF: 

Use of Screening Levels in Planning Permitted Development Rights

David Rudland Chair, EPUK Land Quality Committee PowerPoint Presentation, 16 slides Download PDF: 

A New Approach for London

Poppy Lyle Greater London Authority PowerPoint Presentation, 21 slides Download PDF:

Noise Protection in the Home

Peter Turner NHBC Principal Acoustic Consultant PowerPoint Presentation, 42 slides Download PDF:

Storing Petrol at Home

This new brochure is intended for people who use and/or store petrol at home. It gives some general advice on how to store small quantities of petrol safely for private use in motor vehicles, lawn mowers, generators and other domestic machinery. It sets out what is safe and legal when it comes to keeping petrol […]

Biomass and Air Quality Information for Developers

This brochure explains how biomass boilers can affect air quality, and what this means for the planning process for developments containing a biomass boiler or combined heat and power unit. Included are what pollutants do biomass boilers produce, the regulation of biomass boilers, planning application/s and what types of biomass boilers are there plus links […]

Growing Edible Crops

There has been increased publicity recently over the potential to grow food on ‘under-used land’, such as urban green spaces and derelict land. This brochure has, therefore, been produced to explain the potential health risks of growing edible crops on such areas of land where the condition of the soil may not be known. The […]

Noise Pollution

Sound is essential to our daily lives, but noise which can be defined as unwanted sound is not always essential. It is a source of irritation and stress for many people and can even damage our hearing if it is loud enough. Many of us are exposed to stressful levels of noise at home and […]

Domestic Smoke

Under the Clean Air Act 1993 local authorities can declare the whole or part of their district to be a Smoke Control Zone. This means that it is an offence to cause smoke from a chimney, and for any person or company to obtain or deliver unauthorised fuel to a building, unless the appliance in […]

Using Wood and Coal for Heating

Solid fuel can be a cost effective way of heating your home and providing hot water, particularly in rural areas where mains gas is not available. In recent years interest has grown in biomass heating (wood burning) as an environmentally friendly way of heating homes. Solid fuels fall into two categories – minerals and biomass. […]

Contaminated Land and your Home

This brochure has been prepared for homeowners and people looking at buying or selling a property, where land contamination has been identified as a potential issue. The brochure explains what is contaminated land, what are the risks, brownfield developments plus environmental searches. 6 pages, DL, July 2014. EPUK members may use any of our Information […]

Light Pollution

Artificial light is essential in our modern society. It has many uses including illumination of streets, roads and hazardous areas; for security lighting; to increase the hours of usage for outdoor sports and recreation facilities, to enhance the appearance of buildings at night. The increased use of lighting, however, can cause problems. Light in the […]


Fireworks are widely used to mark public events and private celebrations, as well as traditional events. While adding excitement to occasions, fireworks can also frighten and disturb people and animals, cause annoyance, damage and impact on air quality. Why worry about fireworks? – noise, air pollution and safety. Fireworks and the law – supply, sale, […]

Garden Bonfires

Burning waste materials can cause pollution and local nuisance. So, what’s wrong with bonfires? – air pollution, health effects, annoyance and safety. What’s the alternative? – composting and recycling. Bonfires and the law; How do I complain about a bonfire?; Plus, Bonfire Guidelines for those who like bonfires! Printed copies are available to purchase. 6 […]

Brownfield Regeneration – a developer’s perspective on the opportunities and pitfalls

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Neighbour Noise

Includes sections on: What can you do? Are there alternatives to legal Action?; Mediation; Sound insulation; Action by the Council; Taking your own action and Anti-Social Behaviour – includes the Anti-Social Behaviour and Policing Act 2014. Printed copies are available to purchase. 6 pages, DL, March 2014 £16.50 per 100 copies inclusive of postages If […]

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