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Waste soils can be a major cost to projects, to the point of being a showstopper.  However, there are options for re-using soils which have the added benefit of often being the more sustainable option as well as saving money. This seminar looks at the options available, reports on recent research projects, and provides feedback from remediation contractors and landfill operators.

Aimed at young to mid-grade professionals looking to improve their working knowledge of soils waste management.  Free to EPUK, £30 to non-members.  2.0 hours CPD.

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Options for dealing with waste soils

What are the standard options for excess soils? Covers re-use under the CL:AIRE Definition of waste: code of practice, exemptions, soil treatment centres, waste recovery plans (30 mins)

Ben Thomas (SiLC, SQP, CL:AIRE QP, C.Env, Member of EPUK Land Quality Committee, Smith Grant LLP)

How to assess waste soils

What information do we need from the ground investigation to inform soil management decisions, to include what drives soils management decisions, what to schedule, when you do (and don’t) need Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing and how to report the results.

Robin Lancefield (CL:AIRE QP, CGeol, Chair of EPUK Land Quality Committee, with over 30 years’ experience of brownfield sites and soils waste management from small development to major schemes) (30 mins)

Overview of forthcoming CIRIA research Joanne Kwan (CIRIA) (30 mins)

Panel Question and Answer session

To include questions and answers asked to remediation contractors, such as:

  • What information is often missing for projects?
  • What are the main issues encountered once projects are underway (relating to waste soils)?
  • Are you provided with adequate information to price the waste soils element of projects? (30 mins)

(Delegates are welcome to send their questions and comments for this session.)

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