Uncertain times for the future of the UK

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Uncertain times for the future of the UK

These are times of great uncertainty for the future of the United Kingdom. That uncertainty also affects our environmental legislation, much of which has been developed in parallel with the European Union over the last few decades.

Over the next months and years, Environmental Protection UK will continue to push for robust environmental legislation and programmes to protect human health. We have done this many times before, from our origins in Victorian times, including the Clean Air Act of the 1956 (we are currently celebrating the 60th anniversary of this ground-breaking legislation), to current lobbying, events and guidance on air quality, contaminated land and noise issues.

We are writing to the leaders (and key potential leaders) of the main political parties to emphasise the need for strong legislation to protect public health. We also continue to work to identify environmental and public health opportunities and implications of the upcoming debates and any negotiations. We continue to push forward the work of the Clean Air Alliance, which is a broad partnership to accelerate progress towards clean and healthy air. “

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